Thursday, April 09, 2009

But Who Will Bell The Cats? To Be Released By Houghton Mifflin, September 2009

Cynthia says:
You haven't heard much from me lately because I was holed up in my studio for most of 2008. I was working on my upcoming children's book But Who Will Bell The Cats? In addition to having written this story, I was also the painter, sculptor, interior decorator, mason, gardener, and plumber of the sets. The rooms were built by hand from wood. The stone walls were formed from plaster. The floors are handmade from inlaid wood, mother-of-pearl, and plaster. The characters were painted in oils on gessoed paper, then cut out and placed in the sets. The scenes were then photographed with a Nikon D300. To see a sneak preview of this unique book being created go HERE.

-The book will be out this September and it can be pre-ordered now on by going HERE.

Forgotten NY Feature &Tour

As many of you know, Cynthia is a promoter of Staten Island. Last month, on a bitter cold day, she gave a tour of her home there and some other magnificent locations in St. George, Staten Island, New York City for Forgotten NY. Forgotten NY is her favorite New York website. They also did a photo spread of her artwork (from SHOW Gallery and my house) to go along with pictures from the tour.
-Check it out HERE.

NY Japion Newspaper Interview
She was also recently interviewed by New York's top Japanese newspaper about living in NYC. (She also lives in Fairfield County, CT.)
-To read the article (in Japanese) and see pictures go HERE.

Art Revolution, A New Book Profiling Cutting-Edge Artists By Lisa Cyr, June 2009 by North Light Books

Cynthia von Buhler is one of the featured artists in an exciting new book, Art Revolution, by Lisa Cyr. Artists featured include: Dave McKean, Marshall Arisman, Brad Holland, Barron Storey, David Mack, Kazuhiko Sano, Fred Otnes, Michael Mew, Kathleen Conover, Rudy Gutierrez, Lynne Foster, Lisa L. Cyr, Cynthia von Buhler, Robert Maloney, Susan Leopold, AE Ryan, Matt Manley, Stephanie Dalton Cowan, Richard Tuschman, Dorothy Simpson Krause and Camille Utterback. "Art Revolution is at the forefront in exploring alternative, innovative ways of conceptualizing and creating art that is on the cutting-edge. Throughout the highly visual book, insightful and thought-provoking profiles of leading artists and illustrators accompany stellar, multi-media work. The book also provides insight into the historical influences behind contemporary thinking and approaches, investigating the origins of alternative, unconventional picture making throughout the decades. In addition, exciting splash spreads featuring demonstrations and behind-the-scene looks at groundbreaking artists at work help shed light on signature processes and techniques."
-More information can be found HERE.

Art Revolution, To Be Featured In The June 2009 Issue Of The Artist's Magazine
The Artist’s Magazine will feature work from Art Revolution, taking an excerpt from one of the chapters. Many of the works from artists featured in the book will be shown. This four-page feature will be out on newsstands by June 2009, just in time for the release of the book. In addition, a special feature will also appear on the in May 2009.