Monday, March 22, 2010

Trailer for But Who Will Bell the Cats?

Click HERE to go to YouTube to watch it. Blogger seems to want to cut it off on the right.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Unofficial Evelyn Evelyn Video

I found this on YouTube. It's pretty cute even though The Evelyns are blonde.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Modeling For Time Out New York - "Some of New York's most fashionable denizens model the best looks of the season".

Mercedes Duff (gallery assistant), Countess Cynthia von Buhler (artist and co-founder), and Theo Dorian (co-founder, curator, and director)

Read the article and see the pictures HERE Click the arrows for more pictures.

Countess Cynthia von Buhler wearing Tracy Reese
Some of New York's most fashionable denizens model the best looks of the season.

Show Gallery
156 Stuyvesant Pl between Hyatt and Wall Sts, Staten Island (718-524-0855,
Say what you will about Staten Island, but there’s all kinds of radness going on just a (free!) ferry ride away—and this nearly two-year-old gallery and performance space is in the heart of the maligned isle’s vibrant artistic community. Check out its current show to see what we mean: “GLAM! Photographs by Mick Rock,” running through April 17, features some of the photog’s greatest hits (Bowie, Blondie, Syd Barrett, etc.). Even the vintage jukebox is loaded with glammy rock & roll.

On Mercedes Duff, gallery assistant:
Cynthia Rowley Graffiti dress, $259, at Cynthia Rowley, 376 Bleecker St between Charles and Perry Sts (212-242-3803). Steve Madden Trinitie heels, $80, at Steve Madden, locations throughout the city; visit MCM Alda Tambourine purse, $380, at MCM, 1 W 58th St at Fifth Ave (212-832-2626). Mango Nautico bracelet, $25, at Mango, locations throughout the city; visit
Countess Cynthia von Buhler wearing Tracy Reese

On “Countess” Cynthia von Buhler, artist and gallery cofounder:
Frock! by Tracy Reese Vivian dress, $275, at Tracy Reese, 641 Hudson St between Gansevoort and Horatio Sts (212-807-0505). Nine West Bonfire cork heels, $89, at Nine West, locations throughout the city; visit Moyna Ikat hand-beaded clutch, $162 (reg. $190), at (Enter code TIME OUT in the coupon code section during checkout to receive this discount through Mar 31.) Forever 21 Dimpled Arrowhead earrings, $3, at Forever 21, locations throughout the city; visit

On Theo Dorian, gallery cofounder, director and curator:
Company of We Captains sports blazer, $295, and Solid Crinkle Day shirt, $225, both at Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave at 49th St (212-753-4000, H&M plain-front cotton pants, $25, at H&M, locations throughout the city; visit Florsheim by Duckie Brown Cap Toe shoes, $295, at Odin, 199 Lafayette St between Broome and Kenmare Sts (212-966-0026, Paul Smith Accessories silk tie, $135, at Paul Smith, 142 Greene St between W Houston and Prince Sts (646-613-3060, David Bowie watch, $40, at Show Gallery, 156 Stuyvesant Pl between Hyatt and Wall Sts, Staten Island (718-524-0855). Borghese reading glasses from CVS, model’s own.

Styled by Ann Binlot
Edited by Ashlea Halpern and Rachel LeWinter
Hair & Makeup Arist: Misuzu Miyake

And The Interns Are Fin, Meghann and Ammre

This is my own blackened and colored version. The color was just a quickie test. It needs to match the facing page. We won't choose actually color until the whole book is drawn. I was thinking that a purple/yellow/red combination like the book cover might also be good, so those who did that were more accurate to my style. I did want the organs filled in as they are important to the story. The girls have two hearts, three lungs, and one liver.

This was a hard decision. I made my choice based upon those who matched my own blackening style the closest. I also took accuracy of filling color into consideration. We don't want to have any white spots in the printed book, do we? I chose the top three: Meghann, Ammre and Fin. I asked them how many pieces they could do in one week. While Meghann was the most like my own in style, she is still in school and can only do 5 a week. Ammre had a computer accident and couldn't finish her second test. Ammre and Meghann will split the overflow. Chris and Mr. J had great color choices. Michael filled in color well. Kerrie, Lauren, and Kelly were also great. They were all just as good as those chosen, but the other three were faster getting their tests in. Meghann did hers in one night. All of the A girls: Ashleigh, Alexandra, and Annette did a good job, but they could have filled in the black shadows darker. Kudos to all! I'm sure that you will do well in your art careers. I'll keep every sample on file and if I get overloaded on future books you may hear from me. Thanks so much for your hard work! Cynthia
PS: Good news! My interns will get credited in the book - on the copyright page.
Here is the drawing that everyone was given to color in. As you can see from all of the tests, almost all of them look the same. That is because coloring isn't making art. It's assisting as a second set of hands.

Test by Meghann Pardee. Shading expert. Good color, perfect shading, good filling, and good questions.

Test by Ammre. Color expert. Good shading, great color, good filling.

Test by Fin. Filling expert. Best at filling, good color, decent shading (shading great on second test - a bit harsh here). He didn't fill the line on right as requested, but he did mention that he could remove it easily, if necessary.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Evelyn Evelyn Website Has Launched

I drew this Evelyn Evelyn optical illusion. I plan to cut it out of black paper as a silhouette. We will be using it across the book spines. When one of the two hardcover books are pulled out of the slipcase the twins are separated.

The Evelyn Evelyn website is up! I drew all of the pictures. Sean Francis even made a font from my lettering for the website. It is called Cynthia von Buhler and we will be making it available to everyone soon.
Is there anyone out there who will buy me the Evelyn Evelyn around-the-world-package for 11 million dollars? How about the trip to the moon with Evelyn Evelyn? Pretty please! I already got the $11,000 dinner with the Evelyns for free (and the wonderful authors Neil Gaiman and Peter Straub were there as well)! See the pictures below.
Cynthia von Buhler, Jason Webley, and Amanda Palmer. Photograph by Kyle Cassidy (another guest at our dinner). Kyle named the dinner "Table of Awesome."
Cynthia von Buhler and Peter Straub. Photograph by Kyle Cassidy.

Jason Webley and Amanda Palmer. Photograph by Kyle Cassidy.

Neil Gaiman looking at Peter Straub's brand new book, A Dark Matter. Photograph by Kyle Cassidy.

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman. Photograph by Kyle Cassidy.

Peter Straub. Photograph by Kyle Cassidy.
Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman. Photograph by Kyle Cassidy.
Look at all of this great merch (featuring my artwork) you can buy at

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Behind The Scenes at the Time Out NY Fashion Photo Shoot

I will be appearing in a Time Out NY spring fashion spread featuring SHOW gallery. I founded the gallery, exhibit my art there on occasion, and help them out with promotions. Here are some outtakes of Theo Dorian (gallery owner, curator, and photographer), and Mercedes (gallery assistant) from the shoot. The issue will be on newsstands on March 18th. Please forgive the blurriness, these were taken with my iPhone (by Michael Harwood). Let's hope that the photo they choose looks better than these. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you can see many more of these outtakes. -CvB