Monday, July 12, 2010

ENDED! Twitter Car Giveaway - 2005 Black Cherry Pearl Scion XB, Only 44K Miles

The car has been given to a worthy candidate. Please do not send any more requests. Thank you.I'm giving away a beautiful 44,000 miles, 2005 Black Cherry Pearl Scion on Twitter for only $1.

I'm not marketing on giveaway sites. I don't want those kinds of Twitter followers. I really want this car to go to someone needy otherwise I wouldn't give it away. You should only follow me if you also like the idea of people helping others by using Twitter as a tool (or you find me interesting).

Here is a similar car being offered for a little over $10,000 on Auto Trader.

Why am I giving away a CAR?

I paid $12,000 when I bought it three years ago. It has held its value well because I don't drive too much, they don't make this type of Scion anymore, and they are damn cool. The car will be fully paid off in December. I could sell it, trade it in, or give it to one of those organizations for a tax break, but everyday I drive by people waiting for the bus because they cannot afford a car and I feel their pain. My recent children's book, But Who Will Bell the Cats? is about kindness. In the spirit of my book I am offering my car to a person in need for $1.

Finally, the solution to Aesop's age-old question: Who will bell the cats?
Mouse and his friend, Brown Bat, are determined to get out of the basement and into the banquet hall to join the fun and frolicking there. But escape won't be easy with the cats blocking their efforts...It will take many attempts and a surprising solution for Mouse and Bat to succeed. Cynthia von Buhler's enchanted upstairs/downstairs world shows readers the rewards of determination, bravery, and creativity and reminds them of the uncomplicated power of kindness.

I worry about disabled people and people with cancer or debilitating illnesses. I'm concerned for single moms and dads or immigrants who are supporting their families back home. And what about those poor, starving artists who aren't as fortunate as me?

The car is a great size. It's a four seater with plenty of storage space. For new drivers (like me) the car has excellent visibility and it is an automatic. It has a dark interior. Despite a couple of little dents and scratches, the car runs well. I have never had any trouble with it.

Tell me why you need it on Twitter or Facebook.


By the way, I'll also throw in an older Garmin GPS.

Cheers, Cynthia

PS: If I accidentally crash the car between now and December the deal is off. Wish me luck!