Friday, September 23, 2011

Oddities: Speakeasy Dollhouse Featured On The Discovery Channel

Hi Friends & Supporters,

Speakeasy Dollhouse is going to be featured on the Discovery Channel show Oddities. They filmed my visit to the Obscura store yesterday. I was interviewed about the project and I spoke with the owners of the coolest little antique store in the Lower East Side (NYC). I showed them some of my handmade dolls and sets and told them all about the story and play. They loved it and want to help out. The owners of the store (and stars of the show) are going to get many of the more obscure props for the play. They are searching for items like a coroner's gurney, coroners tools, religious art, and all sorts of Prohibition-era props. All of this will be filmed as an episode of Oddities which will air in early 2012. There's even a chance that they might come and shoot during the play!

I'm working like mad on the book and play. It is going to be magical.

Keep spreading the word.

Cheers, Cynthia
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